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All the Comforts
of a Home Office

The houses of Fort Conde Village are anything but traditional office space. Conference rooms are Victorian parlors warmed by fireplaces and gas-style chandeliers. This collection of buildings – former residences – redefines what an office can be.

Antique Lamp

The interiors of the houses all have unique touches that reflect an antebellum sophistication: murals painted on the walls, doors with intricate graining, heart pine cabinetry, porches with intricate iron balconies, which is a signature of the classic Spanish style, and high windows that connote a graciousness rarely found.

Restored Fort Conde Home

In any business, it’s vital to distinguish yourself in the marketplace, whether it’s in the service you give to clients or in your corporate identity. Here is perhaps the best opportunity you'll have to set yourself apart from everyone else. From foyer turned reception area to courtyard entertaining, your clients will be impressed. Why not choose an office that’s distinctive and personal, like you and your company?

Restored Ft. Conde Home

The Allure of Mobile!

Mobile, Alabama, the oldest city in Alabama, was founded in 1702 as the original capital of the Louisiana Territory. Nestled on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, few other cities can boast such a rich history and prime location. Visitors marvel at the sheer beauty of the city—the breathtaking sunsets, lush foliage, spectacular historic and modern architecture, amazing museums, diverse arts and culture, and famous seafood creations.

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

Fort Conde Village
Old Historic Landmark in Mobile

Exuding the Style and Feel
of the Nineteenth Century

What the Village embodies that other commercial real estate doesn't is character. Stroll up and down the streets and you'll find it has a quiet charm and allure, one that hints at nostalgia and brims with curiosity. At last, these once splendid homes, deemed by the state as historic treasures, are being restored with care by developer and architect, creating unique office spaces in a village setting.

Quaint Victorian House

At Last, the Village is Back

For years it has been the intention of the City of Mobile to restore Fort Conde Village to its original splendor, but efforts by several developers have fallen flat.

But today, most renovations are complete with only one final project under restoration. To learn more about how you can make Fort Conde Village your company’s new historic address,
call Larry Posner at
251 605 4694 or 845 471 8848.

St. Emanuel Street

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For further information, please contact:
Lawrence Posner
Fort Conde Restoration Ventures, LLC
163 St. Emanuel Street
Mobile, Alabama 36602

Tel: 845 471 8848

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If These Old Walls
Could Speak...

The area is history reconstructed and everything from the gas lamps that light the cobblestone streets to the buildings themselves, shows it. Meticulous restoration is blended with modern conveniences to make these properties both beautiful and livable.

Spiral Staircase

All the elements of yesteryear are complemented by modern architectural choices like skylights, giant windows that fill the space with natural light, and full upstairs kitchen areas. The whole village represents a compelling mix of aesthetic form and function certainly no other office space in Mobile can even come close to.

Restored Fort Conde Home

If the thought of restoring an historic property is daunting, rest assured that the developer will handle all the details and work with you and an architect to create a work space to your specifications. The result is a beautiful new office that combines the charm and character of a Victorian home with all new electrical and plumbing appliances, HVAC, hardwood floors, conference and meeting rooms, working fireplaces/gas logs, kitchen facilities, patios and/or porches.

Restored Ft. Conde Home

Historic Fort Condé
150 South Royal Street

Fort Condé is a partially reconstructed 1724-35 French fort, which protected Mobile and its citizens for nearly 100 years from 1723-1820. It was built by the French as a defense against British and Spanish attack on the strategic location of Mobile and its Bay, the eastern most part of the Louisiana colony. The military importance of Mobile and Fort Condé was huge. The fort and town protected access into the strategic lands between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic colonies along the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.

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