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Troy State University Campus

Troy State University Campus

Willow Terrace Apartments are located in Troy, Alabama just minutes from the Troy State University campus. Like its other properties, Posner-Volper Company manages this residential community with special interest in keeping features and amenities in top condition while addressing the functionality and aesthetics of the buildings, grounds and overall environment. Many of our tenants attend classes or events at Troy State and we make every effort to keep this property affordable for that type of tenant. Our management is always available to discuss your concerns about comfort and enjoyment of our property and will strive to focus on a resolution as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is very important to us. For further information about all locations, please Contact Us or email us at help@posnervolper.com

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Willow Terrace Apartments, Troy, Alabama

Berkshire Arms Apartments, Mobile, Alabama

Affordable Living in a Lovely Mobile Alabama Community

Berkshire Arns

Located in ´╗┐Mobile, the oldest city in Alabama, which boasts a scenic location on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, Berkshire Arms Apartments offers residents an affordable option for comfortable living. Accessible to the city's rich history and breathtaking sunsets over the water, this property is lush with mature landscaping with year-round blooms to enjoy on a daily basis. In addition, its prime location offers tenants easy access to the city's spectacular historic and modern architecture, amazing museums, diverse arts and culture, and famous seafood restaurants. Probably most enticing is its proximity to two major educational institutions, the campus of the University of South Alabama as well as that of Spring Hill College, both just minutes away. That means that even if you are not a student who would need to attend classes regularly, you can still easily take advantage of the multitude of sporting events, entertainment offerings and cultural programs so close to home.

Posner-Volper takes pride in its management style which supports tenant comfort as one of its highest priorities. While every property needs constant maintenance, we strive to make sure that amenities residents rely on are in good working order at all times. With costs kept extremely affordable, we invite you to inquire about available space to suit your needs. For further information about all locations, please Contact Us or email us at help@posnervolper.com

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