Specialists  in Southern Comfort

Posner-Volper Company
has a long history of
involvement in
both the preservation and
development of
prestigious properties
valued for
aesthetic sophistication
and historical significance.

Posner Volper Company, Inc.
Mobile, Alabama alive at night Fort Conde Inn, Mobile, Alabama's Finest Hotel and Bed & Breakast A Bedroom at Fort Conde Inn, Mobile, Alabama's Finest Hotel and Bed & Breakast A Sample of Posner-Volper's Historic Restoration work in Mobile, Alabama Fort Conde Inn is the perfect setting for an elegant Southern-style wedding A Conference Room in the Fort Conde Village Historically Restored Spear Barter House in Mobile, Alabama Apartments in Mobile, Alabama Fort Conde Village Historically Restored Commercial Properties in Mobile, Alabama A Sophisticated Historically Restored Business Setting in Fort Conde Village, Mobile, Alabama's Finest Hotel and Bed & Breakast A Bedroom in Blakeley Cottage at Fort Conde Inn, Mobile, Alabama's Finest Hotel and Bed & Breakast A night scene at Fort Conde Inn, Mobile, Alabama's Finest Hotel and Bed & Breakast A bedroom at Fort Conde Inn, Mobile, Alabama's Finest Hotel and Bed & Breakast A Gourmet Breakfast Omelette at Fort Conde Inn, Mobile, Alabama's Finest Hotel and Bed & Breakast

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Posner-Volper Company
also excels at conscientious

management of both
commercial and
residential resources
to ensure delivery of
expected amenities
in the most comfortable

and convenient of circumstances.

Preserving the Style of the Old South
with Impeccable Restorations

Posner-Volper Company is a premier real estate development, restoration and management company with distinctive properties in prime national locations available for residential or commercial lease. For more than forty years, Posner-Volper Company, under the inspired direction of company principal Lawrence Posner, has been purchasing properties in need of complete or major improvements and transforming them into real estate gems. One prime example is Mobile, Alabama's Fort Conde Village, which was in a state of ruin until Posner-Volper Company restored many of its properties to the state of extraordinary beauty and historic authenticity now offered discerning business tenants today.

Impeccable Restorations of Old South Style

Offering Affordable Apartment Options
Close to Major University Locations

Posner-Volper Company continues to improve and manage many Mobile, Alabama apartments which allow excellent access to the University of South Alabama and Spring Hill College, in addition to Willow Terrace Apartments in Troy, Alabama, which is home to Troy State University. With today's aging population opting for the trend of downsizing from home ownership and economizing in retirement, many residential tenants are seniors who are happy with the comfort level, the freedom and relaxed lifestyle offered by Posner-Volper's quality apartment living. For further information about all locations, please Contact Us or email us at help@posnervolper.com

Our apartments are close to all the area action and natural beauty

Relax in a Lifestyle of
Comfort and Convenience

The company's forte lies in its ability to take properties with ideal settings and often historic significance and refurbish them with architectural excellence, high quality construction and outstanding landscaping to create highly desirable real estate for residential or business lease. Then Posner-Volper Company protects its investments by managing these properties with a keen eye to maintaining the quality and beauty of the site. While all Posner-Volper properties provide comfort and aesthetic quality, many offer convenience to recreational and/or occupational centers, such as those located near colleges or universities. Here students, faculty, staff and others find wonderful living quarters.

Posner-Volper Alabama Apartments

Enjoy Award-WInning Accommodations
in our Exquisite Southern Bed and Breakfast

TripAdvisorReview_April2014 vertical_rule Fort Conde Inn Mobile, Alabama, an AAA Four Diamond Award Winning Hotel
Fort Conde Inn
Mobile, Alabama

Southern Living Magazine's Best Bed & Breakfasts

Mobile, Alabama's Fort Conde Inn

ranked as one of the Best Bed & Breakfasts in the South
by Southern Living Magazine, Spring 2013.

Not only has the introduction of our impeccably restored Fort Conde Inn generated hundreds of highly complimentary reviews on such respected travel sites as TripAdvisor.com, (where it has an extraordinarily high overall approval rating), BedandBreakfast.com and others, we have been called "The South's Best Bed & Breakfasts" by Southern Living Magazine, one of the most definitive accolades received to date! We have also been honored with the prestigious Four Diamond Award from AAA, a coveted recognition within the hospitality industry by one of the world's most critical rating programs that conducts comprehensive, on-site professional hotel and restaurant evaluations guided by strict traveler priorities. Fort Conde Inn was originally selected for inclusion in 2012 and has maintained its distinction through 2014. (Download the entire AAA 4-Diamond Awards list here.)

AAA 4-Diamond Award 2014

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Posner Volper Company, Inc.
4 Jefferson Plaza • Suite 502
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